Articles are my medium form muse & reason. They are researched, but don’t go to the same level of depth nor are as closely argued as my essays. But they are more considered than my jottings.


The Perfect Moment

Yesterday I stood in my kitchen and an archetypal piece of pop culture, a t-shirt print, called forth a voice from the past. In another time and another place, another man stood and mused far more lyrically on a classical piece of culture. Rendering into language the perfect moment.

‘Oh, the humanity!’

As I stirred the mince, a t-shirt on the television grabbed my attention. ‘6 May 1937’ was superimposed over an airship. Reflexively I recalled Herbert Morrison’s voice crying out with anguish: ‘Oh, the humanity!’ As my conscious thinking caught up, a newsreel flickered into life in my minds eye and I felt myself transported to an airfield in New Jersey as an airship burned.


From the Greek κάθαρσις and translated as either cleansing or clarification. Though the meaning has been much argued over, it is nonetheless a powerful action. One which we undergo when seeking to salve our troubled thinking. Part of the reason why I embarked upon was to achieve some portion of catharsis. Much needed in a year which has had equal measures of sorrow and joy.


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