• Hail, Lobster!
    Burried as I am in books and journal articles, and abjuring the more mass apeal social networks as I do, much in popular culture passes me by. I don’t confess this with any sorrow, nor even much pride, it is just the case, to adopt that hideous phrase: ‘it is what it is.’ As a rule,… Continue reading Hail, Lobster!
  • Tool Time
    I like to tinker. Perhaps it is a suppressed longing to be a UI developer, perhaps it is because my father wouldn’t let me play with Lego as a child (n.b.: this is only a rhetorical device. My father not only let me play with Lego but spent hours helping me to build and learn).… Continue reading Tool Time
  • 100 Days of Muse & Reason
    Well, I have reached the end of the challenge and the numbers are as follows: 100 posts in 100 Days 44,752 words 15 Major Topics Most prolific topics were: Technology (22 posts) Social Comment (22 posts) History (19 posts) Publishing (19 posts) Philosophy (14 posts) Most popular post (So this is how privacy dies…,… Continue reading 100 Days of Muse & Reason
  • Contribution Manifesto
    Second last day for the challenge and I continue to contemplate ‘what’s next.’ Which is both technical and philosophical. Time for a contribution manifesto, me thinks. I don’t currently support ‘comments’ on my blog. I have long been in two minds about the whole process. Not least because I have seen avid bloggers both… Continue reading Contribution Manifesto
  • Copying Old Masters
    For the better part of 400 years, the production of art in France was largely controlled by artistic academies. With the first official academy being the Académie Française (“French Academy”), founded in 1634 by Cardinal Richelieu. A key element of academy life was the copying of old masters. That is, an aspiring artist would learn… Continue reading Copying Old Masters


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