Wedding Feast

Flemish Wedding 17th Century

In the tradition of my family, and the civilised everywhere, I will be planning the meal starting with dessert, working through the main to the entree.


Defeat of the Spanish Armada, 8 August 1588

The history of the Spanish Armada is a call to take care on our journey home. Although we may feel mauled by the day, we can salvage most of what we have.

Supporting Evidence

My weekends are usually spent cloistered away in my study, working on one project or another. My fiancée laments I spend too much time tinkering with my blog, time that could be better spent ploughing through more of my PhD or even writing a cogent article for here (Muse & Reason).

Tranquility Reflected

Day 83 of the 100 day challenge and I have drawn a total blank. I have faced writers block before, but often this has been a catalyst to a post as it has caused me to muse on mental indigestion, the void and how these help me to overcome the struggle with topic.

Nibbled By System

Year 2000 Bug: the sign indicates January 1900 instead of January 2000

I am a simple man who fears being nibbled by system. I like things I can see and touch. In the technological realm, I like things I can see and organise. This is perhaps why I am happier with knobs, levers and buttons than I am with touchscreens and complex scripts I can’t understand. To… Continue reading Nibbled By System

Easy To Use

Count Albert de Dion driving De Dion, Bouton & Trépardoux steam tractor at 1894 Paris-Rouen race.

I learn today that Jules-Albert de Dion took the chequed flag in the world’s first motor race, the Paris–Rouen in 1894. Sadly for Jules-Albert, he was not declared the winner as his steam-powered car was against the rules (that a car should be ‘easy to use’). This was because his vehicle required a stoker to… Continue reading Easy To Use