Category Philosophy

The Ability To Ignore

Since the earliest days of our evolution on the savanna, our visual and aural senses have been attuned to ignore content.

Shape of Things to Come

A striking feature of Wells' book is the way in which he prefigured 'cancel culture' in the thinking of his fictional social scientist.

Skepticism and Wonder

In the vast ignorance of a society absent of sceptical enquiry, evil festers and spreads, like the coming of night, and all foul things come forth.

The Problem of Over Correction

While many will cheer and even demand over correction, given the 'historical injustice,' many questions remain unanswered.

The Over Consumption of Doubt

For the ancients, doubting was the end of a lifelong quest for truth. For moderns, it has become the beginning rather than end of speculation.

Media Archipelago

Pushing back on unorthodox views has given rise to 'wrongspeak,' 'the things we believe to be true but cannot say,' creating a Media Archipelago.

The Perfect Moment

Though it is not clear if this is the poet or the urn speaking, what is clear is that the passage seeks to transcend visual value.

‘Oh, the humanity!’

The past, which comes flooding in, transports us to a moment which is both frozen in time and animated by our thinking. 'Oh, the humanity!'

‘I’ and ‘Me’

The notion that the 'significant symbols,' found in the harmony between the projected and received understanding of the gesture which transports meaning between employee and manager, are not fixed, but are subject to continual recreation allowing infinite flexibility when assessing project planning.