Skepticism and Wonder

Sagan with a model of the Viking lander that would land on Mars. Sagan examined possible landing sites for Viking along with Mike Carr and Hal Masursky.

In the vast ignorance of a society absent of sceptical enquiry, evil festers and spreads, like the coming of night, and all foul things come forth.

The Perfect Moment

John Keats 1819 by Joseph Severn (1793–1879)

Though it is not clear if this is the poet or the urn speaking, what is clear is that the passage seeks to transcend visual value.

‘Oh, the humanity!’

Zeppelin the Hindenburg on fire at the mooring mast of Lakehurst (United States of America) 6 May 1937. Ballast water is thrown down. Exit airships.

The past, which comes flooding in, transports us to a moment which is both frozen in time and animated by our thinking. ‘Oh, the humanity!’

‘I’ and ‘Me’

In ‘No one is to blame for misbehaviour’, I made reference to George Herbert Mead’s ‘I’ and ‘Me.’ But what did he mean by them and what are their implications for the practice of management?