How I Publish – Back to the Future

Printer working an early Gutenberg letterpress from the 15th century. (1877 engraving)

A few months back I gave a short sketch of how I publish online. But today is back to the future as I return to WordPress.

Contribution Manifesto

Oil painting of men having a conversation, by Arnold Borisowich Lakhovsky

In a bygone age of ink, pen, paper and a stamp, there was a barrier to entry. Today, there are querulous readers and trolling bots.


Advertisement for Great Expectations in All the Year Round

Whether pre-prepared or thought out during serialisation, it provides for a short or medium content format which addresses a long form topic.


The Conjurer, by Hieronymus Bosch, shows the bending figure looking forward, steadily, intently, and with fixed attention, while the other figures in the painting look in various directions, some outside the painting.

It is possible to find a subjectivity and objectivity of the written word and know I am on the right track, even if my work is temporarily out of fashion.

Supporting Evidence

My weekends are usually spent cloistered away in my study, working on one project or another. My fiancée laments I spend too much time tinkering with my blog, time that could be better spent ploughing through more of my PhD or even writing a cogent article for here (Muse & Reason).