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Thunderous Ambivalence

Because being off the grid is next to impossible in many societies, it is tempting to give up and proclaim 'I have nothing to hide'.
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The Linux Paradigm

In science, a paradigm is a model or pattern — a typical instance or exemplar. But in rhetoric, my chosen field, it is an example or guide as to how one should behave.
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Art as Background

Turner was something of a privacy advocate. In the 1841 census he rowed a boat into the Thames so he could not be counted as being present at any property
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The New Commons

As our forebears strove for the aspiration to vote, the mortgaging of our data for access to services requires us to strive for the aspiration to privacy.
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Code is Speech?

A point to remember when next your private moments are leveraged to improve a marketing algorithm. The unintended consequence of code is speech.
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