Art as Background

The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up, 1839, oil on canvas. National Gallery

Turner was something of a privacy advocate. In the 1841 census he rowed a boat into the Thames so he could not be counted as being present at any property

The New Commons

Magna Carta (British Library Cotton MS Augustus II.106)

As our forebears strove for the aspiration to vote, the mortgaging of our data for access to services requires us to strive for the aspiration to privacy.

Code is Speech?

A point to remember when next your private moments are leveraged to improve a marketing algorithm. The unintended consequence of code is speech.

Language Defect: Privacy

Advertisement for the automatic (dial) telephone service of the Illinois Telephone and Telegraph Company (successor to the en:Illinois Tunnel Company).

The issue is not can they keep my data safe from an unauthorised third party, but can they keep my data safe from their algorithms.

How I Publish

Printer working an early Gutenberg letterpress from the 15th century. (1877 engraving)

My quest for a publishing platform which was both elegant, unencumbered by endless plug-ins and left me alone with my text, brought me to