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Privacy matters. At least, mine does to me. For those who live in European Union, it also happens to be the law.

To that end, I have worked in my own small way to reduce the amount of online tracking and increase the level of privacy in my own life. I also try to ensure these steps are embodied in the code of all websites.

I accept this is not an exact process. Systems which are today given a clean bill of health by security experts, are found to be security flawed tomorrow. This means that while the notion of security is fairly consistent, what constitutes secure online practice is ever changing. In that context, I am constantly working to evolve my own practices and websites will also continue to evolve to implement best practices where possible.

1. HTTPS by Default

This ensures that your connection to this website is always encrypted. Though not a crucial issue for many, given all information on this website is accessible to the public, it does mean that any data you input while here only goes to the places it should with no spying eyes intercepting the connection.

It also means that for those who are uncomfortable being seen in public reading thinkers like Edmund Burke, Alexis de Tocqueville, Benjamin Disraeli or Friedrich Nietzsche, your interests can remain yours and yours alone.

For those not wanting to leave your online security to chance, but not sure where to begin, the Privacy Tools website has some great resources. Including an in-depth guide for how to secure your browser.

Web Browsers | PrivacyTools
These are our current web browser recommendations and some tweaks you can use to preserve your privacy.

2. Hosting

This site is powered by Ghost(Pro) and is bound by their GDPR data processing agreement. All Ghost(Pro) servers are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Their publicly available Data Processing Agreement is below can be read here: GDPR Data Processing Agreement
Open source technology for fiercely independent publishers. Use Ghost to run a modern publication where you own the platform & control your content

3. Analytics

Plausible has been implemented as the analytics platform for this website. This is because even though the purpose of Plausible Analytics is to track usage, it can and is done:

without collecting any personal data or personally identifiable information (PII), without using cookies and while respecting the privacy of the website visitors.

Plausible is GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant. You can read their full Data Policy here:

Plausible: GDPR, CCPA and cookie law compliant site analytics
Plausible provides cookie-less web analytics without collecting personal data and while respecting the privacy of website visitors. This is our data policy.

During your visit, Plausible will collect:

Data point Example Comment
Page URL Plausible track the page URL of each page view on this website. They use this to show which pages have been viewed and how many times a particular page has been viewed.

The hostname and path are collected. Query parameters are discarded, except for these special query parameters: ref=, source= and utm_source=.
HTTP Referer Plausible use the referrer string to show you the number of visitors referred to this website from links on other sites.
Browser Firefox This is used to show what browsers people use when visiting this website. This is derived from the User-Agent HTTP header. The full User-Agent is discarded.
Operating system Linux This is used to show what operating systems people use when visiting this website. It only shows the brand of the operating system and does not include the version number or any other details. This is derived from the User-Agent HTTP header. The full User-Agent is discarded.
Device type Desktop This is used to show what devices people use when visiting this website. This is derived from window.innerWidth. The actual width of the browser in pixels is discarded.
Visitor Country United Kingdom The visitor’s country is derived using their IP address. Plausible do not track anything more granular than the country of origin and the IP address of the visitor is discarded. Plausible never store IP addresses in their database or logs.

4. Information You Provide

4.1 Newsletter

If you sign up to receive the Winter Ink newsletter, any details you provide are only used for the delivery of the newsletter. They will never be shared with third parties. The Winter Ink newsletter uses the Mailchimp platform.

This is where things get a little sticky as their servers are located in the United States. But, because Mailchimp certifies to the EU/Swiss Privacy Shield framework and the GDPR, they can lawfully receive EU data.

To read more details about how the Mailchimp platform works to protect your privacy please see their Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement.

Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy | Mailchimp
Information about how Mailchimp, a marketing automation platform, protects your privacy and handles user accounts.
Mailchimp’s Cookie Statement | Mailchimp
Mailchimp’s cookie statement explains how we use cookies and similar technologies in the course of our business.

If you’re located in the EU, review Section 20 of the Mailchimp Terms of Use and Section 5(E) of their Privacy Policy. These sections include important information about how Mailchimp treats EU data.

4.2 Donations

If you are one of the kind people to donate to Winter Ink  — thank you! — you provide your name, donation amount, and payment card information. The transaction is handled by the financial service provider PayPal, who will receive your payment information. This information will only be used to process your donation. If you support on an automatic monthly or yearly basis, you can cancel your recurring donation at any time.

PayPal Nederland - Online Betalingen | PayPal NL
Wat is PayPal? PayPal Nederland biedt een veilige manier om online betalingen te regelen. Koppel je bankrekening of creditcard en betaal in enkele klikken.

If you do not want PayPal to log your donation, you can also use crypto for a more privacy respecting way to donate.

4.3 Communications

The form on the contact page uses Mailchimp infrastructure and is covered by the section above which outlines Mailchimp data practices and compliance.

If you don't want your message passing through Mailchimp systems, you can contact me directly via email or a social network platform. Links to my profiles and direct email are to be found on my contact page.

If you contact me directly via email, either by writing to me directly or by replying to the automated email newsletter, I will receive your email address and any other information you choose to provide. My direct email services are provided by ProtonMail and you can use the public key on my contact page if you want to send something end-to-end encrypted.

Secure email: ProtonMail is free encrypted email.
ProtonMail is the world’s largest secure email service, developed by CERN and MIT scientists. We are open source and protected by Swiss privacy law

5. Information Usage

Any information you provide will only be used to communicate with you, if you have opted to receive a newsletter, to facilitate donations, and to better understand how you use the site in order to continue its development. Your information will no be shared with any 'third parties,' though it does live — securely — within the services that deliver this site. Ghost(Pro) (publishing platform), MailChimp (newsletter) and PayPal (donations processing).

This privacy statement is subject to change at any time without notification.