100 Days of Muse & Reason

Goethe in the Roman Campagna by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein

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Virus From Below

The microscopic view of the virus which causes Coronavirus disease

The history of the world, for a long time, was the history of great people. Mostly great men. It focused on singular individuals and seldom mentioned common people. Preferring to recount historical events from the perspective of leaders.

Late Abroad Again

A short letter from Samuel Pepys to John Evelyn at the latter's home in Deptford, written by Pepys on 16 October 1665 and referring to "prisoners" and "sick men" during the Second Dutch War

People thinking of their impact on others, maintaining the known health authority guidance and looking out for others as they look out for themselves.

The Power of the Snub

Beau Brummell cutting the Prince Regent with the quip "who's your fat friend?"

Declines in sexual activity seem to owe more to ‘the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the global recession of 2008’ than fear of contracting Aids.

Cold Calling Students

Students enter the „Natio Germanica Bononiae“, the german nation at the university of Bologna, image from the 15th century

While the line between a Socratic acceptance of the limits of our knowledge and genuine ignorance is blurred, academia’s financial rapacity knows no bounds.