It has been an incredibly frustrating few days. This is the result of pursuing my dream to have a beautifully coded, bespoke, lean, privacy respecting website which can be a fully featured platform for for my scribblings and also a digital home for my online life. Ooh… and did I mention I am trying to achieve this on a shoestring budget, am not a professional programmer nor inclined to spend the weeks, months or perhaps years needed to learn the various programming languages to accomplish the task. This means I have to stand on the shoulders of giants or, more specifically, tinker with the work of others to accomplish the end result desired. So far, as my opening sentenced perhaps indicated, with little success.

But all is not doom and gloom. I have learned an enormous amount about the Ghost platform and am slowly making progress toward my nirvana. This should not suggest to others who are also not developers, and thinking about starting a blog on Ghost, that it is an Everestine mountain. Quite the contrary. With the exception of, I have never used a publishing platform that is easier to boot up. So long as you are happy to use the default theme (or one of the many from the theme market) and stick with the basics of the platform. But I yearn for more than an entry level site.

To that end, the work continues. But in the short term my writing output will suffer a little as all spare mental energy I have in my day is currently being devoted to the next instalment of Of course, if I can’t master the rigours of the platform I may have to call it quits, take a leaf from book of Quirk, and re-read his fabulous ‘how to’ articles and migrate to Wordpress.

Till tomorrow… Good night and good luck.

North Face of Everest by Ggia is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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