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Updating My Plank

As a man who loves his technology, one thing I enjoy reading about is how others use theirs. There is a small degree of voyeurism in this, but mostly it is because the digital world is deep and wide and at times hard to navigate. While there is much merit in Robert Frost’s notion of the road not taken, at times I love it when things just work. For that, some brave soul needs to have trodden the road first.

In Mike Stone’s article, What’s On Your Plank, he referenced the markdown editor Typora. I had been using Apostrophe which was a lean and elegant writing environment, but Typora takes things up a notch. The key feature which won me over is the real live preview methodology employed for editing and reading. Though the hybrid approach is rather vogue, the Typora what you see is what you mean approach has my vote because it gives me all the control I need by using markdown with the ease of proofing in a live view.

What’s on my plank

As for what’s on my plank?

An assortment of browsers: Firefox being my daily driver along, Iridium for when I want a Chromium feel, Brave for work and Tor for when I am in full tinfoil hat mode. Typora my current markdown editor. Standard Notes for… notes. LibreOffice and Zotero for my research projects. What’s on your plank?

Good night, and good luck.

Photo by Michal Czyz on Unsplash

This post is day 034 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. If you want to get involved, you can get more info from 100daystooffload.com.

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