As a privacy and cross-platform advocate, I try and maintain a broad range of contact options. If you want to get in touch, please use one of the channels below. I usually respond promptly, but please don’t take it personally if there is a slight delay.

Online Accounts

To email me securely, my public key is:

-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: OpenPGP.js v4.10.7 Comment: xjMEXzNpkRYJKwYBBAHaRw8BAQdAj2XArqY+SvkYMYIGJPk5370OulFDfDCj SQhFtLiXf4XNMWhlbGxvQHJvYmVydC53aW50ZXIuaW5rIDxoZWxsb0Byb2Jl cnQud2ludGVyLmluaz7CjwQQFgoAIAUCXzNpkQYLCQcIAwIEFQgKAgQWAgEA AhkBAhsDAh4BACEJEAAtoenU8GwKFiEEyAOBNM02pQbBoKEoAC2h6dTwbAoe SgD8Dq/LTh6pNukVh+BDTrYd/ltHvXTJTJoXbMDfbhPs6uYA+wR8zdMMggBt Pri39iAy0oFraAQ37Rkl84GH2+Ktx98DzjgEXzNpkRIKKwYBBAGXVQEFAQEH QLvPRqPChpgewb/KPoFkGFrH3XFndu4BjjkmwGjVhDNrAwEIB8J4BBgWCAAJ BQJfM2mRAhsMACEJEAAtoenU8GwKFiEEyAOBNM02pQbBoKEoAC2h6dTwbApo FQEAppDmk4KadNqp1OUwTCr+3bLZP0XW+5p62ZiIIWiLvVoBAPvfgmNy0FwW B/AeHRV31Ry4w8OHcxsiO5OfHmZ8b6EG =v3BO -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

If you want me to respond to your email with an encrypted mail, don’t forget to include your public key!