• Power and Control: Tech Billionaires in Politics
    Don’t worry about the populist, worry about what comes after them. And what is coming seems clear: Billionaires of the 2.0 revolution.
  • Polywork, A New Professional Network
    I have often thought that an individual is far more than their job title or pay scale. Which means that even in a professional networking context, your portfolio of experience should also include your experiences.


  • Intellectual Warehouse
    While access to information is now relatively more widespread than in the past, the modern paywall can often prove to be as much of a hurdle to access as the price of manuscripts was in yesteryear.
  • Bitcoin’s Dirty Little Secrets – Political
    In praxis, the result for Bitcoin is that the ideological claims for a decentralised, government free, anonymous currency has given way to the ‘worse-is-better’ ideology of why most people seem to be dumping cash into crypto: to get rich and live the capitalist high life.

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  • Five Stages of Autonomy
    At this stage, employees, whether remote or in an office, enjoy true autonomy. The Nirvana Mullenweg and Co. are in search of for their businesses.
  • A Change Management Primer
    Knowing this only shifts the problem from ‘how’ to ‘when’. In other words, at what speed should the change management take place?
  • Confessions of a Platform Junkie
    Having perused and discarded a number of options (Medium, Tumblr, Squarespace and Jekyll), I am now caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.
  • The Case of the Dangling Toad
    Combining powdered toad with the excretions and serum made into lozenges and worn about the affected area, drove away the contagion and drew out the poison.
  • Parliamentary Privilege
    Sidestepping Trump’s wounded pose and Twitter’s egregious claim of the moral high ground and an interesting question about politics and speech emerges.
  • Dead Certainties
    The key is to avoid reading events falsely, which inevitably leads to politics shaping what we think is true.
  • Code is Speech?
    A point to remember when next your private moments are leveraged to improve a marketing algorithm. The unintended consequence of code is speech.
  • So this is how privacy dies…
    To be a part of a society which doesn’t take these choices means the most meaningful solution is to look at ambient as well as personal privacy.
  • May the Third be with you
    It is fitting these memorial days are side by side because a central theme in the Star Wars saga was the freedom of peoples to live according to their need.