This site is loosely divided into philosophyhistorypolitics, and technology. In many ways these themes are highly interconnected with any categorisation being akin to Wittgenstein’s notion of:.

taking up some books which seemed to belong together, and putting them on different shelves; nothing more being final about their positions than that they no longer lie side by side

Ludwig Wittgenstein


  • Hail, Lobster!
    Burried as I am in books and journal articles, and abjuring the more mass apeal social networks as I do, much in popular culture passes me by. I don’t confess this with any sorrow, nor even much pride, it is just the case, to adopt that hideous phrase: ‘it is what it is.’ As a rule,… Continue reading Hail, Lobster!
  • Tool Time
    I like to tinker. Perhaps it is a suppressed longing to be a UI developer, perhaps it is because my father wouldn’t let me play with Lego as a child (n.b.: this is only a rhetorical device. My father not only let me play with Lego but spent hours helping me to build and learn).… Continue reading Tool Time