Ten days in and I have hit what I feared, a wall of writers block. To be fair, it isn’t so much writers block as it is the end of a very long day of work, I am mongrel bitch tired (a phrase I borrow from Ted Wallace) and my fingers won’t move over the keys.

In such a situation I hope you can forgive a man for not being able to write something which tries to slip loose from the bonds of earth and take wing in the imagination.

Yet this is also why I embarked upon the 100 days challenge, because it is when at a low ebb, deadline looming, that a writer needs to dig deep and find a spark which might not illuminate, but will at least catch a readers eye long enough to warrant attention.

This causes something of a paradox. I thought I would have to take a ‘non-consecutive’ leave pass to not write today, yet pondering this has caused me to write today.

In Why I Write, I discussed the importance of questions and cited R. G. Collingwood who noted ‘no two propositions — Can contradict one another unless they are answers to the same question’. But this was not Collingwood’s only contribution. Another principle he dealt with was in his Principles of Art. In it he observed:

First we “feel” then we try to discern what we feel. Hence, it’s not… “A tiger? …Argh!” rather it’s… “Argh!… A tiger!”

This example neatly conveys my writing of this missive. That I did not have pre-knowledge of what I feel, only though the production of this work have I been able to tease it out. Simply put, I feel it is time for bed.

As Edward R. Murrow would conclude: ‘Good night and good luck’.

Murrow57 is licensed under Public Domain.

This post is day 010 of my 100DaysToOffload challenge. If you want to get involved, you can get more info from 100daystooffload.com.