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Teflon Leadership

Those who rise to the top jobs, do so not because they are better leaders or have fewer blots on their copybook — it is because they are better able to shrug off criticism and weather the blistering attacks that are directed at all holders of public office.
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The New Cathedral Door

Does it truly safeguard that which is dangerous and true while restricting that which is dangerous and false, and does it arrive at this determination through a process of deliberation; or, does it merely replace one arbitrary determination for another about that which is dangerous.
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The Better Part of Valour

Obama made sure to bring together the past with the present. Memory stalking the impatiently advancing future. Into the party…

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Parliamentary Privilege

Sidestepping Trump's wounded pose and Twitter's egregious claim of the moral high ground and an interesting question about politics and speech emerges.
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Dead Certainties

The key is to avoid reading events falsely, which inevitably leads to politics shaping what we think is true.
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