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Wedding Feast

In the tradition of my family, and the civilised everywhere, I will be planning the meal starting with dessert, working through the main to the entree.

Tonight I contemplate marriage. Or rather, I am contemplating what I will eat after I am married: the wedding feast. For this evening sees a sampling of what could be on offer for my intended’s and my special day.

Traditionally, what is served at a wedding feast is determined by both the time of day and local customs. Controversially, in these revolutionary times, my wedding will not differ from this historic model. With dishes coming from a largely Anglo-Aussie tradition and be suitable for an evening event.

For me, after a lifetime of weddings which have ranged from simple affairs to events which were positively baroque, it will be a delight to not worry if I get the chicken or the fish. Instead, my dish can be overflowing with my favourite foods.

Planning From Dessert

In a time honoured tradition of my family, and the civilised everywhere, I will be planning the meal starting with dessert. Then working back through the main (which will in all likelihood be a beef dish) to the entrée. Why so many people insist on planning their meals from the entrée I have never understood.

That is all I have for today as the way to my writing is through my stomach, and right now it is too empty to type more.

P.S. I drafted this blog post before dinner, and had anticipated I would end up with a beef dish for the main. Which was indeed what I ordered this evening. But one of my dining companions had the lamb. Never a more succulent morsel of that fine creature have I supped. It was so tasty, I had to rework this article before publication and think the unthinkable. NOT requesting the beef as my preferred main at the wedding!

Good night, and good luck.

Flemish Wedding 17th century is licensed under Public Domain.

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