It’s been 6 days since I switched from to Ghost and I have noticed something odd. The analytics of my blog are showing far fewer readers. About a 90% drop. While I am not a popularity junkie, it is more gratifying to know one is writing for a large than a small audience as I write to try and assist others. If there are no ‘others,’ then there is limited scope for impact.

I wonder if this is a general reaction to my shift in platform. Could it be people are voting on my platform change with their clicks and abandoning Muse & Reason or, as I think it is perhaps more likely, that the analytics I am seeing are a little skewed?

I know that Plausible honours ‘do not track’ requests — tested it myself, clicks and all. When combined with a high proportion of privacy concerned individuals in my readership, this might be denting the numbers when in fact the reader base remains the same.

Federation might also be an issue as my Ghost platform isn’t federated. True, I still post links to my articles on Mastodon and Twitter, but my material no longer appears feed. A natural hunting ground for blog readers.

Well, time will tell as over the period of the 100 days challenge I have seen a slow but steady rise in readers. If the numbers remain constant, then I’ll shift strategy and look to trying to federate my blog again and see if that helps.

What are your thoughts? Dislike the new platform, think it could just be an analytic anomaly or that I should re-federate the blog?

Good night and good luck.

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